Z71 & Z73 Wall Mount Buffers

Wall Mount Buffers
    Our wall mount buffer is good for all buffing chores, but not for heavy production work as it is only 1-1/2 hp. Not for sousaphones and tubas. The shaft is 1-3/8” (34.9mm) in diameter, ground and polished, stress-proof steel. Total shaft length is 40” (1.01m) with 5/8”-11 threads. The shaft extends 12-1/2” (31.75cm) on each side.
    The shaft accepts Z56 Buffing Shims that allow adjusting for various widths of buffs, so the flange nut is flush with the end of the shaft as required by OSHA. Provisions are provided to mount the Z51BS Bracket and Z51A Buffing Hood.
    The 3/16” (4.8mm) thick steel frame and sheet metal cover totally enclose the belt and pulleys. Lifetime lubricated bearings and the heavy duty 1-1/2 hp. capacitor motor are included in the price. Both models are shipped without switch or cord, as they must be wired to comply with your local electrical codes. (Can be wired for either 110 or 220 volts)

Z71 1-1/2 hp. Single Speed (Is convertible to variable speed, see note)
Z73 1-1/2 hp. Variable Speed.


Truck Ship only. 220 lb. (100kb)

Variable Vs Single Speed Models
    The variable speed buffers are easily adjusted from 3000 rpm down to 1000 rpm. The advantages of having a variable speed unit are, the slower speed that is available for finer color buffing and the capability of using 10” (254mm) buffs for economic reasons. The buffer speed can be increased as the buffs get smaller so you will still get the same surface feet per minute. A slower speed for color buffing helps the rouge stay on the wheel better, making less mess and the buffs don’t wear out as fast. Color at 2400, hard buff at 2800.
See also the G91R & G91L bushings.

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