Z61-13S Hard Aluminum Balls

    These new, larger hard aluminum balls are sized as
a continuation of our regular steel N80D & E round
ball sets. These balls are exclusively intended for
use with the Z61E dent machine and are NOT meant
to be hammered on. They provide a better fit for
maximum coverage to preserve contour under the
dented area while rolling out the dents. Our new Z6
synthetic lubricant mixed with your petroleum jelly
is MANDATORY when using these balls.

Z61-13S Set of 4, Hard Aluminum Balls-392.50
Z61-13A 2-3/4” Ball-102.50
Z61-13B 3” Ball-102.50
Z61-13C 3-1/4” Ball-114.50
Z61-13D 3-1/2” Ball-114.50
**Balls have 1/2”-13 thread