Z60-14 Straight Mandrel

This straight mandrel has one end bored out to accept the 5/8" diameter adapters and comes with the Z60-14A pre-installed.

Slug & Adaptors for Z60-14 Straight Mandrel
Z60-14A Standard 5/8” Slug
This is the standard replacement “Ferree Bayonet Mount” Standard 5/8” slug.
Z60-14B 3/8-16” Threaded Insert
This is the 3/8”-16 threaded adaptor to use your N80C balls.
Z60-14C 1/2-13 Threaded Insert
This is the 1/2”-13 threaded adaptor to use your N80D and N80E balls on your Z60 machine.
Z60-14D Trumpet Stem Mandrel
This mandrel is for use in the stem or tail of the cornet or trumpet bell. Used with Z60-36A and Z60-36B rollers.

Send in your old Z60-14 to be updated. It will be re-machined and refit with a new Z60-14A bayonet 5/8” slug made from harder, longer lasting steel. This also allows changing the rod end to use the many other tools developed to use the new open end. See Z60-14B, 14C, 14D, 37, 38 and 39.

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