Z56 Safety Flange Nuts

Z56 Safety
    Flange Nuts are used to replace hex and acorn nuts on buffing machine shafts. The flanged design provides OSHA safety for the operator. They are used with the Z55 Spacers to position the buffing wheels near the end of the threads.
    The Safety Flange Nuts are tightened with a special spanner wrench. There is less chance for clothes or aprons to get caught on exposed threads. The Z56 Safety Flange Nuts are 2” (50.8mm) O.D. and 3/8” (9.5mm) thick. They are threaded 5/8”-11 (15.9mm-11) for right and left hand threads. A set comes with a spanner wrench.

IMPORTANT: When installed and spaced properly, the Z56 Safety Flange Nuts will completely cover the exposed threads on the shaft.
Z56 Safety Flange Nuts (including wrench)
Z56L Nut-Left Hand Thread
Z56R Nut-Right Hand Thread
Z56W Wrench Only