Z100-Z105 Floor Mount Buffers

    Ferree’s heavy duty floor model buffers are designed with a 1/4” (6.4mm) steel housing for extra strength and rigidity. The shaft is 1-1/2” (38.1mm) in diameter, ground and polished, stress-proof steel. This shaft size also helps prevent vibration.

    Total shaft length is 54” (1.37m) with 5/8”-11 threads. The shaft extends 18” (45.7cm) on each side. Floor to the center of the shaft is 40” (1.02m). The belt, pulley and motor are totally enclosed for operator safety. These buffers have provisions for the Z51BL Buffing Brackets.

    The shaft also accepts Z56 Buff Shims that allow adjusting for various widths of buffs, so the flange nut is flush with the end of shaft as required by OSHA. Each model is shipped without switch and cord as it must be wired to comply with local electrical codes. The motor is included in the price.



Approximately 450 lbs. (204kg)

Single Speed Floor Models

Z100 2hp Single Phase

Z101 3hp Single Phase

(Single Speed models are convertible to variable speed)


Variable Speed Floor Models

Z102 2hp Single Phase

Z103 3hp Single Phase

Z104 3hp Three Phase

Z105 5hp Three Phase


Note on Single Speed Models: The single speed buffers have one speed, which is 2800 rpm. But, they can be converted to variable speed by adding a variable speed unit pulley and belt. The conversion price will be quoted upon request.


Also Available:

Buffing hood & bracket.

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