P90 Trombone Leveling Stone

This precision cut and ground granite is within .0001” (.0025 mm) of being level. It is fitted with a removable slide assembling jig, consisting of two precision ground rails, each of which has a permanently mounted guide pin and three 10 lb. pull, dual pole magnetic holders. The combination of the tapered holders and the permanently mounted guide pins will hold any size slide in position without any damage to the slide rails (tubes).

     The P90 Trombone Leveling Stone with the holders in place is used to reassemble a slide after it has been straightened and aligned or when installing any new rails (tubes) or other parts (hand brace or end bow). The magnetic holders hold the slide exactly in position after measuring so that binding wire is not necessary.
     In actual use, the two magnetic holders on the right would be in position, but we have tipped them on their sides so you can see the magnets mounted in the bottoms.
By removing the assembling jig or turning it to the rear, the stone can be used to straighten sprung slides the same way the steel leveling plate was used. Also, the granite is much superior to a glass leveling plate, because glass is very elastic and quickly effected by temperature changes.
    The P90 Trombone Leveling Stone has a bracket on the bottom so that it may be mounted in a vise. By removing the bracket you can screw the stone to the P91 Stand.

P90 Trombone Leveling Stone, Complete
P90B Steel Bar (Set of 2)
P90M Magnets Only (1 only, NOT set)
P90S Stone only w/vise mounting bracket

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