P87S-10 Set of 10 Slug Mandrels

P87S-10 Set of 10 slugs: You pick sizes and get 10% off list price.

Here's a link for a number to size conversion table to make it easier to find the sizes you need.Just add the desired 10 Sizes to the notes at checkout

P87 Slugs and Handles
Designed to work in the tuning slide area of a variety
of horns. Length of 3" and a total of 97 sizes.
Starting at .438" thru .630". Precision ground
in .002" increments. This tool is able to repair and
tweak any tight fitting or damaged tubing to create a
smooth operating slide.
P87A 3" slug, individual sizes, .438 thru .630 (#1-#49  and #50-#97)
P87H Set of 2 handles
P87S-1 Set of slugs, #1-63, w/storage block
P87S-2 Set of slugs, #64-97, w/storage block
P87S-3 Complete set, #1-97, w/storage block
P87S-10 Set of 10 slugs (you choose sizes)
P87W-1 Wood block only for #1-63
P87W-2 Wood block only for #64-97