P86 Pritchard Cable System

The P86 Pritchard Cable System is a modification of the P84 Tuba cable System developed by Bill Pritchard many years ago to use the cable system with the medium N62, N63 and N64 sized balls for baritone and euphonium sized tubing.

*2-7 foot long nylon cables with T handles

*4-threaded steel driver balls

*4- different length of stroke cables

The threaded steel driver balls are made in four sizes. The process is to use the largest driver ball you can get through the tube as it will be the one that drives the work ball back out.

The stroke cables are the cables that go between the driver balls and that hold the work ball. The work ball is moved by pulling the draw cables back and forth.

When the draw cable is sharply pulled, the driver ball strikes the work ball to move it under the dent and after the work is done the other driver ball strikes the work ball on the other side to remove it. The driver balls are controlled by your pulling one of the draw cables in a sharp motion, either way.

The length of the stroke cable is determined by the length of the ball and the dent itself. The swivel makes the system easy to use. The swivel helps keep the cables from getting twisted and tangled when screwing the tool together or changing ball sizes.

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