P57 ‘Hook-Back’ Tool and Driver/Retriever

P57 ‘Hook-Back’ Tool a Driver/Retriever for French Horn.
Another “ball centered cable” tool. This tool offers more power and flexibility for French horn dents in the hand grip area than ever before.
It consists of the new P57A Power Handle, the necessary ball segments and a special 5” stroke cable. You use this tool with the N62AS (.775” to 1.250”) and/or N62BS ball sets. Then, to get smaller than .775”(19.7mm) you have to use your N57G set which is .750” (19.0mm) and smaller. You may want to use the N57X four ball set as blenders All P56 segments may be used with this tool also.

P57 Driver/Retriever for French Horns
P57A Handle Assembly