P56 French Horn Dent Ball Driver/Retriever

Imagine taking the dents out of the tapered tubing of a French horn, from the bell flare to the valve section, without unsoldering the instrument! The need to realign the braces and reassemble the horn is eliminated. The time needed for dent work in these areas of the horn is a fraction of what it used to be. The P56 can also be used with marching brass instruments and can be used with the O28 French Horn jig.

The P56 shares many of the same features, and operates the same way as the P50 for cornets. The big difference is that the P56 comes apart in segments so that the length can be changed. Altering the tool length allows the Repairman to reach any damaged area while still enjoying precision placement of the ball. (US Patent 4727744)

P56 Segments may be purchased individually and vary in length from 5” to 7”
Segments B-F work with P56-LG large stroke cable which is used with the N62 or N63 balls.
Segments G-H work with P56-SM small stroke cable which is used with the N57 balls.

P56 Complete Kit for French Horn Bells
P56A 26-1/2” handle only with two stroke cables, a small and a large w/ brass balls.
P56J Replacement cable that holds the balls for the P56A handle.
P56X Extension handle. With this handle, the P56 can be used with the O28 French Horn jig.
P56-SM Small Stroke Cable
P56-LG Large Stroke Cable
P56U Update for P56—Send in old handle.

Segments Available:
P56B Ball Segment B
P56C Ball Segment C
P56D Ball Segment D
P56E Ball Segment E
P56F Ball Segment F
P56G Ball Segment G (has sm. and lg. ends)
P56H Ball Segment H

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