P54 and P55 Dent Ball Hammers

Dent Ball Hammers for Trombone/Baritone & Cornet/Trumpet
Although alike in appearance and principle to the other Dent Ball Driver/Retrievers, the P54 and P55 work slightly differently. The steel dent balls do not attach to the cable as they do on the P50, P52 and P56. The P54 and P55 are used strictly to drive the dent ball in and out of the tuning slide. This takes the place of shaking a driver behind the dent ball and possibly placing a lot of little dents in the slide from the inside. (US Patent #4727744) Use N57G Dent Balls.
P54 Trombone and Baritone Dent Ball Hammer
P54A Replacement Cable
P55 Cornet and Trumpet Dent Ball Hammer
P55A Replacement Cable