N98 Valve Lapping Machine

The N98 Valve Lapping Machine is extremely useful even if your shop doesn’t rebuild valves. After a bent valve has been straightened, and is working, first be sure the valve guide or star is removed.

  • Install the valve stem in the chuck, included with a chuck key so you can control the tightness.
  • Use about a 1/4” (6.4mm) diameter drop of L58 Ultra Smooth Lapping Compound and spread it all over the valve.
  • As the valve turns in the motor, carefully work the casing slowly back and forth over the valve from the top and bottom ends of the casing.
  • Continue with this “lapping” process for about one minute, then 
  • Clean the valve thoroughly Now you will find that although you have removed only a minute amount of plating from the valve, the valve has a nice ’broken in” feeling. The machine is also very good to use for sanding neck corks held on an E8 Sax Neck Holder.

N98 Valve Lapping Machine (66 rpm) (Available in 120 volts only)

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