N91 Tapered Mandrels

This is our complete set of 9 tapered mandrels (N91A-J). These mandrels are designed to accommodate the changes in bores and tapers over the years. This set of 9 tapered mandrels will cover all horns from piccolos to sousaphones. Use these mandrels with a burnisher to remove dents. Also used to round out ligatures and clarinet finger ring keys. Mandrels are polished. No lathe marks or scratches. 

N91S Tapered Mandrel Set 
N91A Mouthpipe Tapered Mandrel
N91B Threaded Tapered Mouth Pipe Mandrel
N91C Tapered Stem Mandrel
N91D Tapered Trumpet Bell Mandrel
N91E Tapered Cornet Bell Mandrel
N91F Tapered Stubby Mandrel
N91G Tapered Trombone Mandrel
N91H Tapered Stubby Trombone Mandrel
N91J Tapered Bass Trombone Mandrel

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