N84S Wendell Scientific Dent Ball Set

The design of these unique balls comes from the archives of the old Erick Brand Company. They were called Wendell Scientific Dent Balls. The shape of the balls resembles an old fashioned beehive or dome. The tip is not round or oval, the shape is a combination of curves that makes dents push up easily but also leaves a flat area at the back of the ball for dent hammer work.

The balls have a 1/2”-13 thread so they will screw on your existing N31, N32, N33, N70, N71, N74 Dent rods. There are 6 balls in the set. The diameters are:

N84S Set of 6 Dent Balls From Below (Mounting Plate sold separately)

N84 Dent Ball 1”
N84 Dent Ball 1-1/4”
N84 Dent Ball 1-1/2”
N84 Dent Ball 2”
N84 Dent Ball 2-1/2”
N84 Dent Ball 3”
N84H Mounting Plate

These balls will work on saxophones, French horns, trombones, baritones and basses. They are made from high quality steel with a satin finish.

Please contact us if you would like to order individual Dent Balls. 

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