N77 Head Swedging Dies

Ferree’s Flute and Piccolo Head Swedging Dies were designed to shrink the tenons that have been over expanded. These dies can also be used to remove ridges and dents from tenons that have been previously improperly repaired. The proper sized die should be firmly held by a vise. Use cork grease or Z6 Synthetic Lubricant laced petroleum jelly as lube on the tenon. Tighten the adjusting screw so the die barely closes on the tenon. Work the tenon. Then move it back and forth in the die with a semi-rotating motion. Test fit, often.
N77A Has a .790” (20mm) hole and is 1” (25.4mm) long. It fits most standard flutes.
N77B Has a .790” (20mm) hole and is 2” (50.8mm) long. Designed for repair men who need to cover a large area.
N77C This model has a similar hole .774” (19.7mm) and is 1” (25.4mm) long. It fits Armstrong model 80 and some imported flutes.
N77D Has a .975” (24.76mm) hole and is 1 1/2” (38.1mm) long for the Armstrong alto flute.
N77E Has a 1.030” (26.16mm) hole and is 1 1/2” (38.1mm) long for Gemeinhardt alto flute.
N77F Like the N77C for Armstrong but 2” (50.8mm) long.

H64 Has a .470” (11.9mm) hole and is 1-1/2” (38.1mm) long.

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