N64B Larger Barrel Type Dent Balls(Half Sizes)

The larger sets listed below greatly increase your work range. The regular sets increase in .025” (.635mm) steps. The half size sets allow for much finer work if used with the regular sets. The combination cuts the size of range between balls to .0125” (.3175mm). These are pre-drilled to accept all of our cable tools.

N62A Indvl Balls Ranging from .775” (19.7mm) thru .1250” (31.8mm)
N62AS Set of 20 Balls in 025” (.64mm) steps. .775” (19.7mm) thru .1250” (31.8mm)

N63A Indvl Balls Ranging from 1.275 thru 1.750”
N63AS Set of 20 Balls in 025” (.64mm) steps. 1.275 thru 1.750”

N64A Indvl Balls Ranging from 1.775” thru 2.250”
N64AS Set of 20 Balls .025” (.64mm) steps. 1.775” thru 2.250”

HALF SIZE SETS (Half sizes for the sets listed above)

N62B Indvl Balls Ranging from .7625 (19.4mm) thru 1.2375” (31.4mm)
N62BS Set of 20 Balls.025” (.64mm) steps. .7625 (19.4mm) thru 1.2375” (31.4mm)

N63B Indvl Balls Ranging from 1.2625” (32.1mm) thru 1.7375” (44.1mm)
N63BS Set of 20 Balls.025” (.64mm) steps. 1.2625” (32.1mm) thru 1.7375” (44.1mm)

N64B Indvl Balls Ranging from 1.7625” (44.8mm) thru 2.2375” (56.8mm)
N64BS Set of 20 Balls .025” (.64mm) steps. 1.7625” (44.8mm) thru 2.2375” (56.8m)