N4 Yamaha Tuning Slide Dent Removal Kit

    If you service Yamaha cornets or trumpets this tuning slide dent removal kit is a “must have” addition to the shop.  Because of the manufacturing process (silver soldered draw knob), dents in the first or second valve tuning slide are nearly impossible to fix any normal method.



Ferree’s modified the dent removing jig used at the Yamaha factory to solve this problem.  In 90% of the dented slides we tried, the N4 fixed them quickly without the need for further dent work.

    The N4 Dent Removing Kit will eliminate the need for keeping a large inventory of new slides as replacement parts.  It will also eliminate having to completely overhaul each damaged tuning slide.

The kit comes complete with a holding jig, special ground pliers and instructions.

Overall, it’s hard to beat this time saving tool for your repair needs.