N124 French Horn Dent Rods

This special set of four French Horn dent rods were designed to remove dents from French Horn bell and 1st branch tubing after the bell has been separated at the connection ring from the first branch. These threaded rods are used with the N80BS set of dent balls. The rods are designed so that the tool can be put in the vise and the horn held by hand with plenty of room for the bell rim to pass the vise.
These rods may be purchased separately or as a complete set of four.
Individual Rods
N124A Right—Small radius (European horns)
N124B Left—Small radius (European horns)
N124C Right—Larger radius (American horns)
N124D Left—Larger radius (American horns)
N124S Set of 4 French Horn Rods. Use with N80BS balls.

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