F68 Swivel Top Screwdriver

Ferree’s makes four swivel top screwdrivers; three small sizes and one large. All of them are sturdily built. Blade lengths and tips vary and blades are replaceable. Tip widths range from .062 (1.6mm) to .125” (3.2mm). Each blade has only one tip. The swivel tops are hex shaped so they won’t roll on the bench.

F66 5-1/4” (133mm) Screwdriver with .062” (1.6mm) tip
F66A Blade, 1-1/2” (38.1mm) long with .062” (1.6mm) tip
F66S Replacement blade set screw
F66W Small Allen wrench to fit blade set screw

F67 6-3/4” (172mm) Screwdriver with .085” (2.15mm) tip
F67A Blade, 3” (76mm) long with .085” (2.16mm) tip
F68 9” (229mm) Screwdriver with .125” (3.2mm) tip
F68A Blade, 6” (152mm) long with .125” (3.2mm) tip
F72 Screwdriver with 6” (152mm) blade, .125” (3.2mm) tip, 5-1/2” long handle a lightweight, versatile, swivel top screwdriver with a small reversible blade. Total is 4-1/2” (114.30mm)
F60 Swivel Top Screwdriver
F60A Small reversible blade for F60