F10 Dent Hammers

For brass instrument repair, including saxophones and other metal parts on woodwinds. Five different sizes, various shapes for dent work. The hammers are available individually or in a set of 5. The heads are hardened steel. The handles are user friendly.
F10A Dent Hammer
F10B Dent Hammer
F10C Dent Hammer
F10D Dent Hammer
F10E Dent Hammer
F10S Set of 5 Dent Hammers
F10H Replacement Handle for Dent Hammers

F10A   7/16”      1”            1-1/2”
F10B   9/16”      1-3/16”    1-7/8”
F10C   1/2”        1/2”         1”
F10D   3/4”        3/4”         1-1/8”
F10E   1-1/8”     1-1/8”      1-1/4”

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