E98 Flute Tone Hole Refacing Tool Set

This flute specific tool is a refined version of the hexagonal one we have had for saxophones since the late 1980’s. The new, longer, round and knurled aluminum handle gives you more control over the movement of the diamond cutting face, since you do not have to overcome the ‘inertia’ caused by the heavier hexagonal brass handle model.
The delicate nature of a flute requires your hand to have ultimate control unlike the bigger, heavier and thicker tone hole saxophones. This tool now comes complete with 4 pilots for the basic sized tone holes on most flutes.
The pilots are:
4/16” (6.35mm)
7/16” (11.11mm)
8/16” (12.7mm)
9/16” (14.28mm) in diameter
Specific pilot sizes to your specs are available by special order. Or, you may modify the ones that come with it.
The replacement 800 grit diamond disc is a standard part we carry; its number is E97D8-1.

E98 Flute Tone Hole Refacing Tool
E98P Pilot-Specify Size

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