D73D Phosphor Bronze Flat Springs

D73 Phosphor Bronze Flat Springs

    A few years back the price of the blued flat springs increased dramatically. Immediately, Ferree’s started looking for a less expensive source.
Now we’ve found it. The phosphor bronze flat springs are not only less expensive than the blued flat springs, they have several other advantages.

~A special size to fit flutes.
~Phosphor bronze color with a round back (except flute, which has a square back).
~Rust and corrosion resistant.
~Available in “generic sizes” to fit more horns. Can be cut to match the needed size exactly.
~Being used on most of the newer horns, so you will be able to keep your customer’s horn “original equipment.”
~Longer lasting.

    The springs are available in individual sizes (specify thickness and length), sold in dozens or hundreds. Also, available are two handy assortments, packaged in individual vials, mounted in an attractive wood holder, in 350 and 500 quantities.

Phosphor Bronze Flat Springs with Round Back
D73A———Length .660” Thick. .010”, .012”, .014” or .016”
D73A———Length .800” Thick. .010”, .012”, .014” or .016”
D73B———Length 1.000” Thick. .010”, .012”, .014” or .016”
D73B———Length 1.185” Thick. .012”, .016”, .018”, .020”or .022”
D73C———Length 1.555” Thick. .012”, .020” or .029”
D73C———Length 1.725” Thick. .014”
D73C———Length 2.075” Thick. .010” or .012”
D73D———Length 1.125” Thick. .009” (for flute, with square back)

Order today and start saving money.

Also Available:
D73E Assortment of 350 with vials and holder
D73F Assortment of 500 with vials and holder
D73W Extra wood block to hold vials 

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