BR5 4” and 5” Chamois Buffs

Touch up and bring out the luster of clarinet and flute keys still mounted on the body. These leather center chamois buffs can be used on Ferree’s N99 Bench Motor, using the E7 tapered spindle, or on any 1725 rpm tapered spindle. Excellent buff to use on better clarinets that do not have plated keys. Time saver for flutes that are demo’s and covered with fingerprints, using, T71 Tarni Shield Cleaner.
Use R49 Key Buffing Compound ONLY with chamois buffs. These buffs are 12 ply, 3/8” (10mm) thick.

Available in 2 Diameters and stitch patterns:

BR5A 4” (102mm) Chamois Buff, Spiral Sewn
BR5B 5” (127mm) Chamois Buff, Spiral Sewn
BR5C 4” (102mm) Chamois Buff, Center Stitched
BR5D 5” (127mm) Chamois Buff, Center Stitched

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