B58M 43-56mm Universal Saxophone Standard Thin Pads(.160 Thick)

B58 Universal Saxophone Standard Thin  Pads (.160” Thick)

These pads are similar to the B59 Universal Saxophone Pad except the B58 is the standard thin, .160” (4mm).  It has a pre-punched center hole, but DOES NOT have any rivets or resonators installed.  This allows the repairman to match the style of the resonator to the instrument being repaired. Another important advantage is the diameter of the resonator can be hand selected to cover more of the surface of the pad without touching the tone hole chimney.  This creates the maximum amount of resonating surface.  Using the series of Universal Sax pads along with a B260 or B265 Universal Resonator kit will eliminate the need to stock several different lines of saxophone pads.  Available in dozens and hundreds in 32nd sizes 9 thru 88 and metric sizes, 7 thru 70, by half sizes.
B58P       Plain             9-31/32
B58         With/hole      20-88/32
B58PM    Plain             7-25mm
B58M      With/hole      16-70mm
32nd’s     MM’s              Description
B582       B58M2        200 Pad Assortment
B585       B58M5        500 Pad Assortment
B585C    B585MC      500 Pad Assortment w/cabinet

NOTE:If you do order sets, you must measure and specify sizes and quantities of the pads in the note section of check out to make up the set.  Sets not guaranteed w/out Specific sizes provided.We cannot guarantee the fit of pad sets ordered only by brand name.

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