B56 22.5-38mm Ferree’s Cone Resonator

B56 Ferree’s Cone Resonator Standard Thickness Sax Pads

The tried and true B56 Elliptical Cone Resonator Sax Pads have convex resonators made of the same material as our Selmer Type resonators. The special cone shape provides 360° airflow management and sound reflection to direct the sound and air out from under the pad, instead of bouncing it back into the sax, greatly improving resonance and performance. It is molded with a solid construction and flat back. The B56 Cone Resonator fits the pad naturally and blends well with other resonators when being used as a replacement. By half millimeters. Cones are brown only. If you do order sets, YOU MUST MEASURE AND SPECIFY SIZES AND QUANTITIES OF THE PADS to make up the set. We cannot guarantee the fit of pad sets ordered only by brand name. Pad sets are NON-RETURNABLE.

B56(32nds)     B56M

9 thru 19         7 thru 15.5     Plain pads

20 thru 88       16 thru 70      Resonator pads


32nd’s     MM’s         Description

B562       B56M2      200 Pad Assortment

B565       B56M5      500 Pad Assortment

B565C    B565MC    500 Pad Assortment w/cabinet

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