B46 22.5-38mm Domed Metal Resonator Thin Pad (.160" Thick)

B46 Selmer Style Domed Metal Resonator Thin Pad (.160" Thick)

Some musicians prefer the sound obtained by the use of a domed metal resonator. This pad has the Selmer Style Domed metal resonator.

These are just like the domed metal resonators used on the Selmer Super Action 80 Saxophones. 


B46(32nd)     B46M(mm)      Description

9 thru 19        7 thru 15.5      Plain Pads

20 thru 25     16 thru 20        Rivet only

26 thru 88     20.5 thru 70     Rivet & Resonator


32nds           MMs               Description

B462             B46M2            200 Pad Assortment

B465             B46M5            500 Pad Assortment

B465C          B465MC          500 Pad Assortment w/cabinet

Note: If you do order sets, you must measure and specify sizes and quantities of the pads in the note section of check out to make up the set.  Sets not guaranteed w/out Specific sizes provided. We cannot guarantee the fit of pad sets ordered only by brand name.


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