B43 7-22mm (.160" Thick) Ferree's Thin Pad with Flat Metal Resonator

B43 Ferree's Thin Pad with Domestic Felt and Flat Metal Resonator (.160" Thick)

The B43 pad is slightly thinner than the B44. It is used on instruments like the Conn 6m, 10m, 12m, Yamaha, Martin and most Asian Saxes.

An 'M' in the catalog number indicates millimeter (metric) sizes.

B43M (mm)     Description 
7 thru 15.5       Plain Pads 
16 thru 20        Rivet only 
20.5 thru 70     Rivet & Resonator

Available sizes:
B43M 7-22mm Flat Metal Resonator
B43M 22.5-38mm Flat Metal Resonator
B43M 38.5-53.5mm Flat Metal Resonator
B43M 54-70mm Flat Metal Resonator

B43 Sets and Assortments
B43MA Soprano Sax
B43MB Alto Sax
B43MC C Melody Sax
B43MD Tenor Sax
B43ME Baritone Sax
B43MF Bass Sax
B43MG Alto Clarinet
B43MH Bass Clarinet
B43M2 200 Pad Assortment
B43M5 500 Pad Assortment
B435MC 500 Pad Assortment w/cabinet

NOTE: Assortments are made from a predetermined quantity of pads. If you wish to have specific sizes and/or quantity of sizes please order by each or you can create your own set (recipes). If you do order sets, you must measure and specify sizes and quantities of the pads in the note section of check out to make up the set.
Sets not guaranteed w/out Specific sizes provided (24-25 pads in standard set). We cannot guarantee the fit of pad sets ordered only by brand name.

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