A120- A123 Synthetic Felt Sheets

Synthetic Felt Sheets

A120-BL .5mm thick (1/64")
A121-BL .9mm thick (1/32")
A122-BL 1.2mm thick (3/64")
A123-BL 1.5mm thick (1/16)"

A120-BR .5mm thick (1/64")
A121-BR .9mm thick (1/32")
A122-BR 1.2mm thick (3/64")
A123-BR 1.5mm thick (1/16")

A120-WH .5mm thick (1/64")
A121-WH .9mm thick (1/32")
A122-WH 1.2mm thick (3/64")
A123-WH 1.5mm thick (1/16")

Note: There are 4 different thicknesses.

Many people prefer the performance, feel and quiet of this felt vs. cork.
These felt sheets come in 4"X12" sheets and are water repellent.

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