Instructional videos and information videos.  Click on the link to see a video for the tool listed.  Same video might appear for multiple tools and Multiple tools will be used in each video.

H34  https://youtu.be/cIqbPHCi0yw

E11 flute pad cup leveling tool     https://youtu.be/qSmMcOUEq-U

E98 flute tone hole leveling tool   https://youtu.be/qSmMcOUEq-U

Q95 sneaky light  https://youtu.be/cIqbPHCi0yw

P54 Dent Ball Hammer  https://youtu.be/jH6g4YzeUu0

P2 Double Handle Roller https://youtu.be/Fqnx1uMdZ-Q

 Mini Z  https://youtu.be/whrtW4YCs1I

Various Tools removing dents  https://youtu.be/bv3ofVaZ3Mk

F81 & F20  https://youtu.be/KIoXICgAtdQ

 G56 & G107  Clarinet Bore Measuring Tool & Clarinet Reamer  https://youtu.be/MJH9SuVyKnc

 P50 Dent Ball Driver   https://youtu.be/LnWmbdtUO8Q 

P71P Polymer Bell Mandrel    https://youtu.be/oxZh4eGzqoc

 H58 AND H59  Expander and Sweding Tool  https://youtu.be/gJTLEuI-kuk

 N61 Sax body straightening tool  https://youtu.be/alP9Mfmfieg

 Saxophone repair using many tools  https://youtu.be/xy4ra8ULz6M

 Customer Service  https://youtu.be/mYeZ2AQkhMg

D32 Tube Hinge Shortener  https://youtu.be/i_mg4QZaXW8

H20 Post Drilling Jig  https://youtu.be/h10I5gz2IEc