P87A Tuning Slide Slugs


    In response to requests, we have made these custom ground P87A slugs (which are similar to the old N1 slugs used back in the late 50’s). They are great for dent work, rounding crimped edges and sizing tuning slides from cornets all the way to baritones. They are especially helpful in tight corners.

    The P87A was designed to work in the tuning slide area of a variety of horns. With a precision ground length of 3 inches and a total of 97 sizes in .002 increments, this tool is able to repair and tweak any tight fitting or damaged tubing to create a smooth operating slide. 

    The P87A slugs are used with the P87H Right Angle Handles which come in a pair, small and large. The small sizes use the small diameter right angle handle while the larger slugs use the larger size right angle handle.

    You can also use the P88S or P88L if you wish, or you may want to consider getting the wood block holders. P87W-1 Wood Block will hold slug numbers 1-63 and the P87W-2 will hold slug numbers 64-97. The wood blocks will help keep your P87A slugs from getting damaged. 

The following links are what we have available:

P87A 3” slugs sizes 1-49

P87A 3” slugs sizes 50-97   

P87H Set of 2 handles        

P87S-1 Set of slugs 1-63       

P87S-2 Set of slugs 64-97       

P87S-3 Complete Set 1-97

P87S-10 Set of 10 slugs: You pick sizes and get 10% off list price

P87W-1 Wood storage block for 1-63

P87W-2 Wood Storage block for 64-97

All sets above are 10% off individual list price.

Here's a link for a number to size conversion table to make it easier to find the sizes you need.