Back To Basics-Power Disc & Rollers

The most popular tools to come along in years-Only because they work!
These tools are all on page 4 & 5 in your 2008 yellow catalog
Z60-27 Big Disc used with wider Z60-28 Roller on a Sousa Bell

Like driving a bus, stand in line with the center and hold Up with fingers.
Z60-25 Small disc used with Z60-29 Tapered roller on a Trumpet
Note the Z60-29"s tapered shape provides a "Safety Zone" in side the bell.
Notice the position of the operator. It's easier to keep centered. When using the Power Discs we recommend standing directly in center with the bell as opposed to off to the side of it as with the shoe method.
Z60-28 Wide roller used with the Medium Z60-26 disc on a French Horn

Notice the Safety Zone created by the Z60-28's EXTRA WIDTH
Z60-24 Sax disc used with Z60-30 Convex roller on a Saxophone

Move slowly due to small radii and out of balance weighting.You have a lot of power and the sax is out of balance, careful!
You CAN restore the contour of the bell if you watch what is going on. There will be three distinct "ghost" areas on the convex roller after some use; alto, tenor and baritone.
Ferree's Tools-"Because they work!"