Back To Basics-P50,N87A & Z60-37

These are pictures of the Newest tools being used-IN ACTION!-
The Updated P50

Using your arm, your ramrod action and your dent balls and hammer, this tool still saves you time and money.


Energy is centered in horn. Energy off center, could break a solder brace.


NOTE: Hand is always holding the bell, NOT off center to damage.
All the energy is being used in the center, hand always on bell only!

N87A Trombone Dent Removing Tool

Used on inside slide rail Used on outside slide rail.  DO NOT squeeze on upper inside slide where the venturii is underneath. OK?
Of course, the proper fitting N53 Trombone Slide Mandrel is inside the tube!


Here are the NEW Z60-37 Trombone Dent Removal Rollers

Set up this way you have approx. 270 degrees of usage and when turned over you'll have the overlap you wanted. But, remember not to use to much pressure, just take out the dent.
The Best Thing about both of these new trombone tools, is that you DON'T have to BEND the slide (and therefore, the trombone mandrels) to remove the dents, and you can roll an ovaled slide back to round. Your trombone mandrels will stay straight and give you better service than back when you had to replace them every year or so. Cutting costs.
This technique also helps you do better, more precision, work.

Ferree's Tools-"Because they work!"