Our Purpose

To provide for the modern band instrument Repairman, the most economical, high quality, up to date and easy to use tools available today. Ferree's Tools designs have always been based on simplicity, accuracy and efficiency while focused on quality, economy and service.


The History Of Ferree’s Tools Inc. 



Cliff and Barbara opened their own one room repair shop in Battle Creek, Michigan known as Ferree’s Music Shop, Inc. in 1946 after graduating from Conn Repair School in Elkhart, Indiana. Their first location was located on the second floor above a shoe store. In 1956, Cliff bought the repair tool departments of both Conn and Leblanc.

From 1962 thru 1967, Cliff conducted a very successful series of 2 week repair courses. During this time he moved the business to its current location, 1477 Michigan Ave. East. Two large additions were added to the building in 1967 and a second building was completed in 1976 due to a large increase in business. In 1979, Cliff gave his first foreign repair clinic in W. Germany and a similar one in Norway in 1980.

Starting in 1957, Barbara produced the company’s first catalogs, advertising and layouts. Cliff always attributed the growth of the company to the fact that he had been active in the repair field and realized the needs of other repairmen. He was constantly on the lookout for methods to improve tools and supplies needed by musical instrument repairmen throughout the world. Using these tools can help complete difficult and complicated jobs more simply, in much less time and more accurately. There have been large investments to update company machinery in an effort to keep production costs as low as possible.

The name Ferree’s has always stood for efficient manufacturing and pride in our products. The quality and service represented by our logo are always the best we can give.