he Z60 dent machine is the top portion of a complete dent machine. There are two bottoms; one for sousaphone work (Z61) and the other for tuba work (Z61E). These bases are to do specific low brass work depending on what is generally used in your geographic area or what you prefer working on. If, you DO NOT INTEND to do low brass work, other than the bell and straight portions of the branches, we would recommend you using the new Z61S Floor mount stand or the newest Z60S Bench mount stand. These new stands hold the main Z60 frame that does most of the work, firmly and at the proper height, for ease of operation. If you call, Ferree’s will make either of these stands to fit the operator. This way the Z60 will be at the perfect height for you to be at your best. As a rule of thumb, when you are standing up, your elbow should line up with the main working rod. The Z61 is outfitted with 3 steel rods that are intended to do sousaphone branches. The Z61E is outfitted with the new Z61-11 adjustable rod to do tuba bottom bows. It is necessary, to do a good job, to acquire the optional Z61-13S aluminum ball set. If you are going to do both sousa and tuba work, the most economical way to purchase the machine is to order the Z61E base and add just the Z61-1 and Z61-2 rods from the Z61 setup.

The Z61 Base for the Z60 dent machine consists of:

(7) Dent machine Base
(1) 1” x 40” curved rod
(2) 1-1/4” x 40” curved rod
(3) 1-1/4” x 36 curved rod
(3C) 2-3/8” ball
(5B) 1-1/16” ball
(4) Brake and 2 locks
(5) Mandrel clamp
(6) Counterweight
(8) Setting nut

Z61 Dent Machine Base Accessories

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