Valve Sleeves Mandrels By Size

These steel sleeves are used to straighten bent and out of round pistons. The sleeves have been bored and then honed to the exact sizes used when the valve casings were manufactured.  This is a forming die and they are not adjustable.

For Sizes Not Listed or Special Sizes Please Enter Desired Size in the Note Section on the Check-out Page.

  • N28A


    $ 42.50

  • N28C Sizes: .701-.885 Valve Sleeve Mandrels

    N28C Sizes: .701-.885 Valve Slee...

    Starting from $ 42.50

  • N28D Sizes: .888-1.400 Valve Sleeve Mandrels

    N28D Sizes: .888-1.400 Valve Sle...

    $ 46.50