The Z60 is a very forgiving unit and will allow you to be a little off without causing a major problem. The keys to its longevity are that it was NOT designed to become obsolete and is VERY USER FRIENDLY. The Z60 and its accessories make you more efficient and profitable. Many special use tools have been made for this great machine. It used to pay for itself in a year, just through time saving. Now it only takes about 6 months for it to pay for itself(if you have work to do) thru amortizing your cost faster.

    The purchase price is actually lower now in REAL dollars AND using all the new speedy tooling that has been developed in the last few years will contribute to a better finish job. The more of the new toys you get, the quicker they will all pay for themselves.

The individual Z60 parts, both included (shown here) and optional, are listed on pages 11-17 in our NEWEST 2016 Ferree’s Tools Catalog.

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