Z61S Floor Mount Stand

    Get your Z60 out from under your bench, off the shelf or out of the closet and put it where it can save you time and money. In our travels we have discovered that many of the Z60 Dent Machine “tops” that were purchased with no Z61 bottom section are stored away until needed. Then, when the need does arise you have to set it up to do the job.

 This Z61S Floor Mount Stand cures all of that!

     This stand is made of heavy duty construction and it is offset so that you can use the safety recommended Z61-6 counterweight to eliminate any unintended flop. This makes it easier to utilize the 30 degree deep finishing arm and 5” or 7” roller combo on the Baritone, Euphonium, French horn and/or Sousa and Tuba bells you are doing.

 SPECIAL NOTE: If you buy this Z61S stand and decide you should have bought a Z61 or Z61E base within one year, we will give you FULL CREDIT for what you paid for the Z61S, when you return it, undamaged, towards the Z61 or Z61E.


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