Z60S Bench Mount Stand

Now, you can use your Z60 right off your existing heavy bench. This stand is made of heavy duty construction and its offset so that you can use the safety recommended Z61-6 counterweight, to eliminate any unintended flop since the stand allows for full rotation of the Z60. This makes it easier to utilize the new 30 degree deep finishing arm and 5” or 7” roller combo on the Baritone, Euphonium, French horn and/or Sousa and Tuba bells you are doing.
Additionally, this makes it less expensive for those who are building a single instrument specific machine; like we have set up for so many of these smaller shops over the last few years; trumpet only, trombone only, French horn only, saxophone only and tuba only whatever YOU want. This way, YOU CAN ADD ON any other tools later, as your experience and opportunity allow, and not limit your potential. NO DEAD ENDS, here! NO limited use tools. FULL USE!!

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