Z40 Sand Blaster

For sand blasting instruments or parts before plating. The new model F “Sandy Jet” siphon sand blaster is equal in performance and power to equipment many times larger. The user serviceable pistol grip type blast gun connected to the sand and air hose, is the only weight you hold.

Volume of air required at 80 lbs. (5.5kg/cm2) is:
7cu.ft./min. with 13/64” nozzle & 5/64” air jet;
15cu.ft./min. with 1/4” nozzle & 1/8” airjet;
20 cu.ft./min. with 5/16” nozzle & 5/32” airjet.

    Regardless of the nozzle/jet used, the amount of air that is used is very conservative. Airjet and nozzle must be paired correctly for best results.

    The outfit consists of: Power gun, container of 50lbs (22.7kkg) of sand, which is 10qts. (9.5L, 7ft {2.13m}) of hose connecting the gun to the sand container. Operator’s face shield and hood, nozzles, airjets, Allen wrench.

Z40 Sand Blasting Outfit
Z42A Air Jet 1/8”
Z42S Sand Nozzle 1/4”
Z43A Air Jet 5/32”
Z43S Sand Nozzle 516”

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