Heavy Duty Belt-Sanders

    Ferree’s Industrial quality Belt Sanders are 16” (406mm) deep with a 33” (83.8mm) span. Used primarily for sanding and polishing brass after dents have been taken out and to remove scratches and fine pits before buffing.
    Frames are made of heavy duty square tubular steel with totally enclosed 3450 rpm motors. There is plenty of room to maneuver horns.
    For small brass, the Z110, 1/3hp Belt Sander with 1” (25.4mm) belt would be satisfactory.
    If you work on many larger instruments, we suggest either the Z111, 1/2hp or the Z112, 1hp. Both use the 1” or 2” (25.4mm or 50.8mm) belts interchangeably. Z111 and Z112 have 2” wide pulleys.

Price Includes:
Motor and 3 Sanding Belts
(Machines are shipped with no switch or plug so you can wire it for your local electric code).

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