Tuning Slide Slugs Handles P87H

 Set of 2 Slug Handles designed for tight areas on a variety of instruments.

P87 Slugs and Handles
Designed to work in the tuning slide area of a variety
of horns. Length of 3” and a total of 97 sizes.
Starting at .438” thru .630”. Precision ground
in .002” increments. This tool is able to repair and
tweak any tight fitting or damaged tubing to create a
smooth operating slide.

P87A 3” slug, individual sizes, .438 thru .630 (#1-#49  and #50-#97)
P87H Set of 2 handles
P87S-1 Set of slugs, #1-63, w/storage block
P87S-2 Set of slugs, #64-97, w/storage block
P87S-3 Complete set, #1-97, w/storage block
P87S-10 Set of 10 slugs (you choose sizes)
P87W-1 Wood block only for #1-63
P87W-2 Wood block only for #64-97

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