Tuning Slide Removal Pliers

E90, E92, E94 Tuning Slide Pliers
These are the finest tools on the market for removing stubborn, corroded tuning slides on brass instruments. The process is very easy. Just fit the sharp edge of the plier into the gap between the inner and outer slide as far as possible. Set the safety screw so the tubing can’t accidentally be crushed by hand pressure. Then, by tapping on the opposite side of the tool with a rawhide mallet, while applying pressure to the handles the slide will break loose and move. Penetrating oil, such as J88 Corrosion Cracker Oil, should always be applied to the affected slide area before any slide removal method is tried.
E90 Cornet Tuning Slide Removal Pliers (Cornet-Trumpet)
E92 Baritone Tuning Slide Removal Pliers (14-18mm)
E94 Sousaphone Tuning Slide Removal Pliers (18-21mm)