T46 Fret Wire

Guitar Fret Wire
    We do not normally sell supplies or tools for guitar repair, even though every so often someone asks about fret wires. Guitar repair is an entirely other ball game from band instrument repair, so we have decided not to even start something we are not familiar with.
    However, we inherited a large quantity of fret wire. 3 sizes. Since this is not one of our usual products, we are offering this at a very big savings for you.

The three sizes are:

  • T42, Standard Banjo fret wire, a bit smaller than pre-war Martin guitar wire, but with more bulk than the smaller wire used on pre-war banjos.
  • T44, Fret wire for electric or acoustic guitar.
  • T46, For electric guitar. This fret wire is as wide but much lower in height than modern jumbo rock frets. It’s good for partial fret jobs, to match large worn frets.

All 1 Foot Lengths.

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