Round Scratch Brushes

Used to clean satin finish, silver plated instruments with soap bark and water. If necessary, boil out the instrument in Z15 Combination Lacquer Strip and Silver Clean Solution, followed by a clear water rinse. Drip “a detergent solution” on the brush while using, to keep it wet during the scratch brushing process. All brushes are of crimped brass wire.
H3 4” (102mm) X 3/4” (19mm) Cylindrical scratch brush
H4 5” (127mm) x 1-1/4” (31.8mm) Hand held have wooden handles
Both goblets have .004” wire
H5 2” (50.8mm) 6 row for cornet
H7 3” (76mm) 8 row for trombone
H11 4” (102mm) 2 row, .0035”, 1-1/2” hub
H12 4” (102mm) 2 row, .005”, 1-1/2” hub
H13 6” (152mm) 2 row, .0035”, 2” hub
H14 6” (152mm) 2 row, .005”, 2” hub

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