Q10-22 Instrument Lyres

Alto, Bass Clarinet and Bassoon Lyres
Q21A Alto clarinet lyre
Q21B Bass clarinet lyre
Q22 Bassoon lyre

Clarinet Lyres
Nickel plated with an adjustable center ring for wood or ebonite clarinets.
Q15M Lyre for Clarinet middle joint (wood/ebonite)
Q16M Middle joint ring only for lyre
Q16S Lyre ring screws
Q17 Lyre only. Nickel plated without the center ring for metal Clarinets

Flute or Piccolo Lyres
Q19 Wrist Flute or Piccolo lyre

Long Stem Lyres
Q11 Extra-long straight lyre for Baritone, Tuba and Sousaphone

Trombone Lyres
Q13A Adjustable Trombone lyre with 9/16” ring
Q13B Adjustable Trombone lyre with 3/4” ring
Q12A 1 piece Trombone lyre with 9/16”ring
Q12B 1 piece Trombone lyre with 3/4” ring

Trumpet –Cornet Lyres
Q10S Straight
Q10B Bent-5/8” (15.9mm), 90° bend at bottom of shank

Saxophone Lyres
Designed to fit the built in socket on most saxophones.
Q14 Saxophone Lyre