P82S Lightweight Tuba Dent Balls

P82S Complete Set of all 73 of the P82 Dent

In the universal search to find better methods to do better work, Ferree’s developed this system of lightweight wooden dent balls with a center of steel, covering about the middle third of the ball area; providing a nice large work area. (U.S. patent #4727745)
In the history of brass repair, many materials have been tried for making good workable dent balls. In every instance, it was determined that only steel was satisfactory for the best results. However, when you are dealing with dent balls of this large a proportion, weight becomes an issue. Steel balls this size would be unusable.
Hence, Cliff’s lightweight woodies.
A Note on Pricing:
For example all of the balls listed under P82A (size 2-1/2” thru 2-7/8”) are priced the same, the price in the price list is for EACH INDIVIDUAL SIZED BALL. Only. A complete set consisting of 73 dent balls is available as P82S.

Below is a breakdown of our sizes:
P82A NO. 1-13 Tuba Dent Balls 2-1/2” thru 2-7/8” (63.5mm thru 73mm)
P82B NO. 14-26 Tuba Dent Balls 2-29/32 thru 3-9/32” (73.8mm thru 83.3mm)
P82C NO. 27-39 Tuba Dent Balls 3-5/16” thru 3-11/16” (84.1mm thru 93.7mm)
P82D NO. 40-52 Tuba Dent Balls 3-23/32” thru 4-3/32” (94.5mm thru 104mm)
P82E NO. 53-65 Tuba Dent Balls 4-1/8” thru 4-1/2” (104.8mm thru 114.3mm)
P82F NO. 66-73 Tuba Dent Balls 4-9/16” thru 5” (115.9mm thru 12.7mm)
P82S Complete Set of all 73 of the P82 Dent Balls

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