O50-054 Flexible Vinyl Tubing

Flexible vinyl tubing in five sizes. Slip over oboe and bassoon key feet or sax side key lever hinges. Comes in clear only. Sold by the foot.
Item         I.D.                     Wall Thickness
O50     .066” (1.68mm)     .016” (.41mm)
O51     .095” (2.41mm)     .016” (.41mm)
O52     .118” (3.00mm)     .020” (.51mm)
O53     .148” (3.76mm)     .020” (.51mm)
O54      .186” (4.72mm)    .020” (.51mm)
O50-54 Assortment, 1ft (305mm) of each size

Also Available:
O60 and O61 Vinyl tubing

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