N61 Sax Body Straightening Tool

This Sax Body Set is especially for straightening saxes which are slightly bent or sprung, usually causing upper stack keys to bind and /or not work properly. Always straighten before disassembly! Bending the keys and cups without straightening the body or shortening the hinge tubing will not work satisfactorily . The stack rod will still not align with the posts or key spacing. After you determine which way the body is bent or sprung, insert the proper size N61 plug into the neck socket on an alto/tenor OR tighten the clamp on the sax body holder placed on the baritone body to the coil ring. Some repairmen accomplish the straightening by allowing a controlled fall of the instrument so that the holding device hits the top of the bench and reverses the bend. One or two light blows are usually sufficient to straighten the body and realign the keys.
QUICK AND EASY! Full instructions are included.

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