N60 Sax Post Raising Tools

When a sax post is depressed into the sax body causing misalignment and key binding, it can be raised quickly to its proper position with the N60 Sax Post Raising Tool. The tool is double-ended to fit all common sized posts. It is not necessary to remove the spring, unless the post has two springs pointing in opposite directions. In this case, remove the top most spring only.
NEW N60B for baritone Saxes.

Recommended Procedure

Slip the tool  over the post knob. Insert the hook of your L13 Tuning Slide Removing Tool through the hole at the opposite end (see picture below).
Align the Post Raising Tool and the Slide Remover so that they will put the post in the proper direction. Now, pull the weight on the L13 Slide Removing Tool. Two or three light pulls will usually do the job.
The N60 and N60B Sax Post Raising Tools can also be used for pulling dents out of sousaphones and other large bodied instruments. Solder a sax post into the center of the dent and pull up a little more force.
N60 Sax Post Raising Tool-Alto, Tenor Sax
N60B Sax Post Raising Tool-Baritone Sax
N60A Misc. sax posts