N57AG Dent Balls .490 thru .610

N57 Barrel Type Dent Ball Sets
N57G, 101 steel dent balls and 5 brass drivers. Graduated in size from .250" (6.4mm) thru .750" (19mm) in .005" (.127mm) steps. Includes storage case. Drilled to accept most of our cable tools, some may need further drilling. See additional sets and balls below.
N57G 101 Dent Balls, ground finish (includes 5 drivers)
N57GDBL 202 Dent Balls in double case
N57AG Indvl. Balls, ground finish (State Size)
N57GH 101 Dent Balls, 1/2 sizes, ground finish
N57AGH Indvl. Balls, 1/2 sizes, ground finish (State Size)
N57AGL Indvl. Balls .760 thru 1.000
N57C Case only for Ball sets
N57CD Double Case for both sets
N57D Set of 5 Drivers
N57GL 25 Sizes in .010" grads. .760" to 1.000"
N57X Set of 4 dent balls, ground finish .755, .760, .765, .770
*The N57X balls are not included in N57G set.
*The N57G comes in a case.
*The N57G & N57GH combo are available in the N57CD case by request, which is suggested for ease of use
*The N57GH is available in the N57CD case by request for just the difference in cost